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Product & Ingredient Information

Every product is gluten-free, except Triple Cheese Mac and Hearty Lasagna.

No, only our grain crunch cereals, bar-meals and cookie-meals contain soy.

If there are concerns with soy:

Nutrient uses soy protein in many products. It’s a high quality plant protein that's been in the human food system for over 5,000 years. Our science team views it as a smart choice for important amino acids. There hasn’t been anything scientifically founded that links soy to breast cancer or other health concerns for women. Many think that soy is inflammatory, but just the opposite is true. Women consuming a high-soy diet experienced improvements in key markers of inflammation. 


There are many types of soy protein. Nutrient only utilizes the highest non-GMO quality available. That means the soy protein utilized contains only naturally occurring amino acids. All other compounds have been removed. Soy products are rich in antioxidants and provide a high-quality amino acid (protein) profile.

Milk products naturally contain whey protein. For our milk, we use nonfat milk and do not use added whey protein or concentrates.

We use an absolutely minuscule amount of Palm Kernel Oil to give our food the texture it needs. Palm Kernel Oil is produced from the fruit of the trees that have not been enhanced with bio- engineering techniques (GMO Free)

Nutrient uses a plant-based omega-3 source, which comes from the canola oil. The omega-3 comes as ALA, while a fish oil supplement (one that you can find in most health foods stores) comes as DHA and EPA. The reason we use canola oil is that it contains an excellent ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential fats. The canola oil is also a non-GMO product, which is another added benefit.


There’s nothing scientifically proven that canola oil is inflammatory. It has the second-highest omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of any oil other than flaxseed. We cannot use flaxseed because it is not shelf-stable - it goes rancid very quickly.

We use a small amount of GMO-free tapioca maltodextrin. It’s a fast digesting carb that can be useful when you need a quick shot of energy.

First, consult your doctor for all your medical advice. That said, we have taken care to formulate our meals to stay under 9 grams of total sugar, and correspondingly, carbohydrates that are typically 10-15% of your daily value per serving. Our entrees tend to be the lowest but even our snack meals fall in this range. All our products contain some balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins which some studies suggest when paired together are less likely to elevate glucose levels. Again, consult your doctor for all your medical advice.

Yes! We only buy ingredients from certified and reputable USA companies. Additionally, we buy Organic, non-GMO, and/or identity-preserved ingredients whenever possible.

We control end to end production in our headquarters in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, USA! From research & development to manufacturing, packing and shipping, all components of the product are done in house.

After extensive research, we decided that cyanocobalamin was the more stable and cost effective of the two, which is key for shelf stable food. We do our best to source essential nutrients that fuel your body while keeping the consumer price as accessible as possible.

Nutrient Survival gives you essential nutrients to your body the natural way by delivering nutrition in your food not supplements. There is a lot of science to support why nutrition through food is better. Our bodies have been engineered for this. When you see or smell something delicious, your mouth starts to water. This is what it’s supposed to do - it’s releasing saliva and enzymes to aid in breaking down your food and helping your body digest and absorb the nutrients. The very act of chewing does the same thing. When you swallow a pill, you bypass all those wonderful natural things and you end up with a concentrated capsule trying to find its way into your system.

First Responder: Your Body. Nutrients help empower your cells to defend, heal and perform so your body can reach its highest level of strength to protect you.

Build Immunity Defense. Nutrients are the most critical component in a strong immune system. They strengthen your microbiome, are full of antioxidants, and are anti-inflammatory, all of which promote healthy cells that protect us throughout our lives.

Fight Free Radicals. Your body is attacked daily by free radicals every day, leading to oxidative stress. Nutrients defend you from these attacks.

Boost Muscle Over Fat. Muscles heal, perform and stay strong with nutrients. High calorie, nutrient-deplete foods promote fat over muscle.

Optimize Energy, Naturally. Your body is designed to provide sustained natural energy with nutrients. Empty calories with artificial ingredients trigger a quick energy jolt but the after-crash kills your performance.

Sharpen Focus, Reduce Stress. Your brain is your body's biggest user of nutrients. Nutrient dense foods dramatically impact your mental well-being, sleep, and happiness, leading to improved focus and reduced stress and anxiety.

Thrive & Live Long. Studies suggest that 80% of chronic diseases are avoidable by implementing lifestyle changes, one of which is eating a nutrient dense diet.* If we defend our bodies with nutrients, only then will we learn the true limits of human longevity.



Essential Nutrients are exactly what is means:

  • "Essential" = Must come from our foods because our bodies cannot make them
  • "Nutrients" = Chemical compounds that your 37 trillion cells need to stay healthy and regenerate.
  • Nutrients prevent the cells from becoming inflamed and dying early.
  • There are 5 categories: Protein (9 amino acids) - 14 Vitamins - 14 Minerals - 2 Omegas – Fiber
  • You need them all - they work in harmony

Our food is specifically designed to give you what your body needs across all 40 essential nutrients (those that you must get from food). Each serving strives to deliver an excellent source (20% of your daily value or greater) of each nutrient. So it would take about 5 servings to get 100% of your DV of nutrients. That said, 5 servings is probably a little light for most people for their caloric needs. The calorie DV is about 2,000 calories for the average adult, and 5-servings of our food would give you about 1,250 - 1,500 calories.

Instant Colombian Arabica coffee infused with vitamins for sustained energy with none of the jitters. Add to hot water (or cold water- instant iced coffee) and enjoy. 125mg of caffeine plus 13 essential vitamins. Conveniently packed in single serve sticks for coffee on the go! 

Our quality control standards are incredibly high. We go above and beyond what the FDA requires as a food & beverage manufacturer. We send out all of our product to a third party for independent, rigorous testing.

Our foods are freeze dried in a unique process where we slowly change the temperature to remove the water from its frozen state to a gas state without ever passing through the liquid state. The process is known as sublimation. This removes over 95% of the water, but retains virtually all of the nutrients, and because its freeze dried, leaves the food shelf stable for up to 25 years. This is far preferable to dehydrated food which uses heat to remove water and destroys up the nutrients. If opened and kept in a cool, dark environment with the plastic lid on, Nutrient Survival is good for up to 12 months. (Note: The bars and cookies contain syrup which may harden over time. The recommended shelf life is 18 months. They do not spoil, but they may be hard to bite into after that!).

We use the most bioavailable nutrients we can find, and only from certified and reputable sources within the USA.

Our foods are survival foods because they are shelf stable to provide you with food security (25 year shelf life) and, more importantly, the nutrient density means that no matter what comes your way, this food will take you beyond surviving to thriving.

Nutrient density is considered a gold standard in measuring a food’s nutritional value. Nutrient density is simply the measure of nutrients in food in proportion to its energy (calories) or weight (per gram) of food. The more nutrients, the higher the nutrient density. The Nutrient Score we reference uses a methodology that makes a like for like comparison (on a 100g basis) of the relative density of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber), total sugar, and several important ratios like potassium to sodium, and Omega-6 to Omega-3.


In short, the Nutrient Score is based on Daily Recommended Intake (DRIs) values required to meet a human’s daily essential nutrient needs and scaled to the FDAs Daily Value (DVs) of 2,000 calories. The data was provided by WISEcode, a company dedicated to truth and transparency in nutrition.

WISEcode determined the Nutrient Score of Nutrient Survival and over 75 other survival foods -- like emergency brands Ready Wise and 4Patriots… as well as grocery store brands like Kraft, Quaker and General Mills -- using their nutritional profile - and averaged the nutrient density for the scores. Nutrient Survival averaged 1,001; whereas other survival foods averaged just 157. That’s over 6x more nutrient dense!

Food companies use flavors to improve the taste of their food. Food gets its flavor from one or a combination of the following: 1) from the ingredients themselves (i.e. almond flavor from the real almonds used); 2) from natural flavors (i.e. almond flavor concentrate extracted from real almonds); 3) from artificial flavors (i.e. almond flavor synthesized in a lab by flavor companies). At Nutrient Survival, we do not use artificial flavors. We only use the ingredients themselves and natural flavors for the taste you get. As you might expect artificial flavors are cheap because they are fake. That’s why we don’t use them in our top shelf, premium survival food.

Most of our food is freeze dried and then quickly transferred into extremely high-barrier packaging that prevents light, water, and oxygen from contacting the food inside. Refer to the specific product, but in general our shelf life is up to:

- 25 years for #10 Cans (note: 10 years for Vitamin Butter)

- 15 years for Action Packs

- 15 years for Singles

- 18 months for Snack Cookies and Bars

- 2 years for Drink sticks

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