City Prepping Says Nothing Compares to Nutrient Survival

City Prepping has an important mission. His goal is to help everyday people learn the basics of survival in times of crisis. With over 80% of Americans living in an Urban/Suburban environment, many lack the basics to ensure they have the necessary food, water, medical skills, and security in the event of a catastrophe. City Prepping's chief aim is to help provide survival basics for everyday people that are practical and easy to implement to be prepared should calamity strike. Kris spent his childhood in the outdoors learning practical skills in Boy Scouts, earned a degree in MicroBiology from UT Austin, has spent time with non-profits and NGOs working in nations such as Afghanistan and in impoverished areas of Mexico, and currently works in the tech industry. Living in Southern California under the threat of "the big one" (earthquake), the need to learn how to prepare for a very catastrophic event has led him to spend many hours studying and preparing his own household.