Celebrating Heroes Weekend honors the service of our great American Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Military heroes. Filled with 3-days of friendship, entertainment, and competition, this event in Florence, Texas, just north of Austin, at the future site of the new Staccato factory is a must.

All ticket proceeds benefit the Fallen Blue Foundation, a non-profit that supports the Families of Fallen officers. And since all of the administrative costs have been covered by one of the foundation's generous founders, every penny goes directly to helping families.

Please get your ticket, or make a donation today to honor our heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.


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Proud Sponsors of Great American Heroes Everywhere

Major General (Ret.) Mark O'Neil shares why he's ALL IN with Celebrating Heroes. Don't miss his inspiring story of a life-time of service to our Nation leading elite Special Forces units, and why his passion for service continues on to this day.