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"Really stoked about this because it’s a lot healthier for you than what we’ve been choosing. Usually we eat candy and crackers and feel like crap afterwards, so we’re stoked to try something that has real nutrients in it."

Cody Blue

“A ton of nutrients...Oh, that’s excellent! Better than Mountain House. Oh, man that’s good!”

Schill Brothers Outdoors

"The texture of the beans and rice is like you’d expect from homemade."

Prepper Action

“The chocolate chip cookies are great for kids to have - you want something that they will look forward to in your supply.”

-Dynasty Preppers

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"And when I tell you this food is healthy for you, it doesn't taste like it! It's not grain, it doesn’t taste like “health food.” And it’s made in the USA so you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality possible."

-George Cox


“If you are a backpacker, you’ve seen the ingredients of the majority of the meals and you know the effect they have on you and your body. These are different!”


"You can taste the purity in the ingredients."

Alaska Prepper

“This right here is the MVP for breakfast.”


"It's really important: if you're in a survival situation, your body will be stressed already. Calories are not enough. Everybody counts calories, calories are important, but calories are not enough. You need nutrient dense calories."

-Bryan Stevens

Survival on Purpose