If you're the Luna Wolf mother of your pack, you know nothing gets in the way of protecting what you love. And that starts with proper nutrition to keep your pack healthy and strong.

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Amanda Penney

We couldn't ask just anyone to be the face of our new Prep Like A Mother movement. That's why we recruited UNAFRAID Brand QUEEN, wife to Navy SEAL Eddie Penney, The Penney's Podcast host, and chaos coordinator of the Penney household to show us how it's done. Get to know Amanda as she tells all on the new WOLF PACK PODCAST.


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Designed for her Navy SEAL husband, even better for her family

Take it from Amanda. Whether you’re stocking up, seeking adventure, or facing everyday battle, Nutrient Survival has you covered. Made with real ingredients. Made in America. To keep Americans healthy, strong, and alert. Perfect for today. Ready for anything ahead. From hearty, delicious entrees and nutrient-dense snacks, to immunity-boosting drinks and strength-building shakes. Keeping your family safe and their bodies in peak condition.

Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire.

- Amanda Penney

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