Bug-Out Go-Bag | Zombie Apocalypse

You never know what might surface these days.  Yeah, we're having fun with this one but proper nutrition is no joke.

That's why we put together this special edition of the most nutrient packed food in the world. 30 individual single packs of our best-selling, great-tasting varieties - Triple Cheese Mac, Southwestern Medley, Hearty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Chocolate Grain Crunch, Creamy Chocolate Shake and our brand NEW Special Ops Chocolate Rocks.  Enough nutrient packed calories to keep you one step ahead of the walking dead. 

Lasts at least 5-days averaging 1,550 nutrient packed calories and 84 gram of protein per day.  Comes in 30 individual packs in a premium, heavy duty poly 10-liter waterproof dry bag to boot.  Perfect for gathering extra goodies on any trek-or-treat.

In case you're wondering, you need about a gallon of water to make all 30 servings of this delicious, nutrient packed food!

6x More Nutrients Than Other Survival Food
No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives
Up to 15 Year Shelf Life
Special Ops Grade Nutrition

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30 Servings
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Product Overview

Be prepared with the world's most nutrient-dense 72-hour bug-out-bag. 25 individual single servings for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Powers you through 3-days in any situation, with an average of 2,333 calories per day.







20%+ DV


50%+ DV

omega 3

50%+ DV

omega 6


Our delicious, chef-made recipes are packed with 6-times more nutrients than other pantry food, with the same level of elite nutrition required for Special Ops forces to help you stay strong, alert, and satisfied when you need it most.