Vitamin Coffee Classic Roast Bulk Pouch 30-Cups

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Now scoop right out of the bag! 

Single origin Colombian arabica beans, dark-roasted for full bodied, rich flavor. Makes 30 cups. 

Voted BEST CAMP COFFEE by Backpacker Magazine. Just add water and enjoy that award-winning taste anytime you crave it. Made from 100% Colombian Arabica beans and packed with vitamins to fuel your mornings. In every serving you’ll get an unmatched fresh dark roasted taste and 13 essential vitamins. Ready anytime you need a nutritiously productive coffee break, even in times of stress.  Makes 30 cups worth, and comes in convenient resealable standup pouch.

30 Servings

Product Overview

You don’t have to sacrifice the best part of your morning during survival situations. Now you can get your coffee and daily vitamins in one! Each serving of Vitamin Coffee has you covered. 13 essential vitamins including biotin, folate and riboflavin, plus all the key antioxidant superstars to support your immune system. Vitamin Coffee will keep you thriving all day long.



Packed with Nutrients

  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Just add water


  • Shelf Life is: 2 years