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Chocolate Chip Cookie Meals

57 reviews
15 Servings

Whole grain rolled oats, sweet molasses and rich chocolate chips sprinkled with sea salt. 

Many said it couldn’t be done: a bite-size nutrient-complete meal. Well, we don’t take no for an answer. Please say hello to our Chocolate Chip Cookie-Meals - just 2 cookies provide your body with the nutrients that help you thrive.

Size: #10 Can

Nope, that's not a mistake. This chart represents which product gives you an Excellent Source (20%+ of the USDA Daily Recommend Intake) of Essential Nutrients in the reference food.  Color us impressed!


*Data sourced from Nutrition Facts Panel for those nutrients disclosed and powered by WISEcode LLC

Product Overview

This newest cookie-on-the-block is loaded with 40 Essentials and ready to defend your body. Real chocolate chips and powerful nutrients in every bite make this one smart cookie.


  • 40 Essentials in Every Serving
    • 14 Vitamins
    • 14 Minerals
    • 9 Amino Acids (Protein)
    • 295mg Omega-3
    • 793mg Omega-6
    • 2g Fiber
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives*


These cookies come in a #10 can. Because they are not fully dehydrated, their shelf life is 18 months. They are so easy, portable and satisfying, you’ll most likely power through them long before that. Stock up on a few and you can rest easy knowing you have what you need to get through anything that life throws at you. Each can contains 15 servings (2 cookies/serving).

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I recommend this product
like them

I like these cookies; they are soft and taste good

United States
I recommend this product
Chocolate chip cookies!

I was surprised that they weren't that sweet but I've come to absolutely crave them. The burst of sustained energy that they give me is nothing short of amazing! It's difficult to limit myself to only but I do. Congratulations on a job very well done!

United States United States
Nutrient Survival Chocolate Chip Cookie Meals Review
I recommend this product
The only cookie I will ever eat

Okay, just hear me out. While watching Alaska Prepper, he raved about these cookies. So I decided to try them out. Day 1, I told my wife and three kids that they had to eat a cookie for breakfast, that's it. We all ate our cookies and I kid you not that is all we ate for breakfast, and for four (4) hours after that no one was hungry. Later in the day, we noticed everyone had a lot more energy than usual. We went to a birthday party where they offered cake and ice cream that evening, the youngest barely touched her plate and everyone ate less than at previous birthday parties. I didn't have any at all, it didn't sound appealing at all to me. If you have or know kids, the youngest not eating it all and wanting more sweets doesn't ever happen. This is just after one (1) cookie for breakfast. We will be eating (1) a day through the foreseeable future. Hope you have enough made nutrient survival! (Also they tasted like the best cookie I've ever had, but then there was a vitamin aftertaste. I know for a fact my body will get used to this and that won't even be a problem. Each cookie was individually wrapped helping them to stay fresh longer although one (1) can will last exactly a week in my house with us all having one a day. The cookie meals have the same vitamins and minerals as all of the other cans. It is literally all you need in my opinion to get the nutrition you need on a budget. One person can eat one (1) cookie a day and each can would last you a month.)

Michael M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Cookies for breakfast

Excellent experience. I am a cookie hound. But 2 of yours each day are perfect. I feel better too! Just ordered peanut bars to try.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Only Hope THIS Will Be for FUN

Gave 4 stars because have not tried it. This was purchased for what I believe is around the corner, short period of empty shelves, due to no fault of our farmers, our truckers, but for those who wish us harm. Am 69 year old little woman, never have much food around because I don't like to eat much, so this seemed to be the best thing for me. I hope I will laugh one day in the future as I am eating this for the first time JUST BECAUSE :) Shipping was extremely fast at a time when everything else seems to take forever. My opinion is this is a company of the good guys.

Katie S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great product, very underrated for survival food!

Hayden F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Filling Cookie

I really liked these cookies. They filled me up and they tasted great.

A Nutrient Survival Customer
Mylinda E.
United States United States
Great to carry for meal replacement!

This item works great as a meal replacement, satisfies my hunger.

United States United States
*No nitrate, propionate or sorbate preservatives
**Some reviews have been submitted from sweepstakes offerings. None of the reviews have been edited or influenced.