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"Nutrient Survival is the very best, the most nutrient dense, survival food on the market. Period."

Rudy - Alaska Prepper

Reach one. Teach One. Repeat.

With his Alaska Prepper YouTube channel, Rudy strives to awaken and empower ever person to actively prepare for anything. He provides you content that showcases the reality of prepping and how it can be done by anyone, on any budget.

We're proud to partner with Rudy to bring the AP Community the most nutrient dense survival food on the market. And now, with the power of WISEcode, you can compare the nutritional differences and see for yourself.

Then make sure to watch Rudy's video below to learn why nothing compares to Nutrient Survival.

Alaska Prepper Pay-Day-Preps Bucket Kit

It takes time and energy to be truly ready when you need to be. And that shouldn't start when SHTF. That's why Rudy put together this special collection of his personal favorites to help make it easier. Eat it now, or eat it later. Nothing prepares you like proper nutrition.

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17x More Nutrient Dense
9x Higher Survival Score



Nutrition Scores calculated using data provided by manufacturers on respective Nutrition Facts labels as disclosed between August, 2021 and April, 2022. Nutrition data not disclosed is displayed as '--' and not included in calculations.

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Alaska Prepper Go Essentials | FREE Retro Tin Bread Box

The Alaska Prepper himself built this collection of some of his favorite Nutrient Survival® items. It's a perfect collection to provide you each meal of the day with a serious punch of nutrients!

5x Southwestern Medley Singles
5x Homestyle Scramble Singles
5x Maple Almond Grain Crunch Singles
5x Hearty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Singles

5x Powdered Vitamin Egg Blend Singles = 30 eggs
1x Vitamin Coffee = 30 single serving sticks

You get all this, plus our FREE retro bread tin as an Alaska Prepper BONUS!

6x More Nutrients Than Other Survival Food
No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives
Up to 15 Year Shelf Life
Special Ops Grade Nutrition

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