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Alpha Warriors

Eddie Penney

UNAFRAID Brand, Founder & CEO Contingent Group, Former Marine and Navy SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU).  

Now he's a best-selling author too. Check out our exclusive interview with Eddie discussing his new book UNAFRAID on the Wolf Pack Podcast.

Once Eddie completed his initial tour of duty with the Marine Corps, he enlisted in the Navy and completed SEAL training. After 5 years of exemplary service, which included deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Eddie was promoted to the elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group, better known as SEAL Team 6, where he served an additional 7 years.

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RED DAWN ALERT - 800,000 North Korean Troops to Fight US War

Tensions flare as the U.S. and South Korea launched their largest joint military exercises in nearly six years. Five test missiles were fired by North Korea in response to what they consider "provocations". While none of this is new, the situation does seem to be escalating. As a result, North Korea claims about 800,000 of its citizens have volunteered to join or reenlist in the nation’s military to fight against the United States. Then there are the ongoing threats of nuclear attack.... The United States and South Korea regularly hold joint military exercises, which are commonly referred to as "war games." These exercises are designed to enhance the readiness and capabilities of both countries' armed forces and to strengthen their military alliance. The exercises typically involve a combination of land, air, and sea maneuvers, and can include simulated combat scenarios as well as other training activities such as logistics, intelligence sharing, and humanitarian aid operations. The timing and scope of the exercises can vary depending on the specific goals and objectives of the participating militaries. While the joint exercises are primarily intended as a deterrent against North Korea, they have also been a source of tension with Pyongyang. North Korea has often criticized the exercises as provocative and a rehearsal for an invasion, and has sometimes responded with missile launches or other military actions.

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