WISEcode® is a groundbreaking nutrition technology company that operates on the belief that the majority of food data in today’s marketplace is inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated - and that we all deserve better information about nutrition and what we’re eating. As such, WISEcode develops the data, insights and tools that bring food and beverage information into the 21st century.

At Nutrient Survival, we’re proud to have WISEcode test all of our products and verify our nutritional content - so you can feed your freedom with confidence.


One of the most important things to us as a company is to have the backing of science when it comes to the claims we make. And that’s where WISEcode enters the picture as independent scientists with a focus on simplifying and updating how nutrition information is presented and consumed. We work with WISEcode to ensure that everything that goes into every Nutrient Survival product is measurable and communicated to our customers clearly and effectively.


WISEcode is a data insights company focused on quantifying and qualifying nutritional claims. The WISEcode team is made up of world-class data scientists, engineers and technologists that are deeply experienced in and passionate about health, well-being and nutrition.



Nowhere is it more critical for the body and mind to perform than in the life-or-death situations our Special Operations Forces face. That’s why the military has studied this for years and determined that nutrient dense foods can enhance performance and contribute to mission success. In fact, military scientists created strict nutritional requirements for the food used during warfighting missions “of intense or highly mobile training or conflict.”

Nutrient Scores make a like for like comparison (e.g., 100g of measured foods) of the relative density of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, and ratios) present in foods. For more information about Nutrient Density, reference Nutrition>WISEcode>See Methodology for a detailed explanation of the methodology used to measure the nutrient density of foods in the graph above.

Nutrient Scores are calculated using data provided by manufacturers on their Nutrition Facts Label (NFL) on their websites or as further disclosed between August, 2021 and April, 2022.  If manufacturers do not provide certain nutrition data, data is displayed as "--" and it is not included in any calculations.

Meals designed using the nutritional standards specified in Department of Defense pubs AR 40-25/OPNAVINST 10110.1/MCO 10110.49/AFI 44–141 for Restricted Rations, those rations intended for use on special operations missions. Meals meet or exceed standards for 23 nutrients on a per calorie basis. Neither the US Armed Forces nor the US Federal Government has approved, endorsed or authorized this product. The opinions expressed are solely those of the individual's.

Other Survival Brands: The nutrition profiles of 75+ alternative survival foods were evaluated using USDA Standard Reference data (SR Legacy, May 2019). Military Special Ops Rations: The nutrition profile of Special Operations MREs were evaluated using a 100g equivalent serving size of an average MRE. Reference data source:[1] Nutrient Survival: Nutrient Survival averaged the nutrient density of all of its products. Data provided to Nutrient Survival by WISEcode LLC