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Best Prepper Tips - The 7 Best Things To Prep Right Now

Best Prepper Tips - The 7 Best Things To Prep Right Now

Vigilance Elite's Shawn Ryan is no stranger to being prepped and ready for unforeseen situations. Right now, there are 7 things he is focusing on that everyone should be thinking about (if you haven't already)...

1) Food: Food to freeze, a nutrient dense food supply, and taking good care of chickens (seriously!).

2) Medical: Have basic medical resources on hand for any situation.
3) Water Filtration: Access to clean water is essential 
4) Generators: Have a sufficient power source readily available
5) Propane: Have a backup for heat and cooking 
6) Books: Informational books on how to survive
7) Organization: Create a system of labels so you know what you have stored


Now - more than ever - it's crucial to make sure your family is also aware of how and what to prep. "Even if it's just keeping a basic first aid and disaster kit, it’ll be better than nothing." If 2020 isn't enough to convince you of the importance of being prepared, click here to check out why prepping for yourself and your family is so crucial.


When it comes to food, Shawn Ryan makes sure to have Nutrient Survival as part of his stash. One of the key factor's in his decision to include our food was, "the proper nutritional values to keep your body and mind sharp when you need it most." We designed food with the 40 essential nutrients your body needs, which includes 14 vitamins, 14 minerals, 9 amino acids (protein), omega-3, omega-6 & fiber. We take the idea of surviving to the next level. 

Nutrient Survival drinks, breakfast meals, entree meals and snacks offer up to 25% of the recommended daily allowance for up to 40 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and fiber. Best sellers include Vitamin MilkVitamin CoffeeHomestyle ScrambleTriple Cheese MacChocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars. Enter code: THRIVE for free shipping.