Bear Independent! Exclusive Wolf Pack Podcast Interview

Bear Independent joins us for an exclusive interview on the Wolf Pack Podcast.

As you know by now, we're not your typical emergency food company. Around here, we value the same things that you do, and we're not afraid to show it. Self-reliance. Freedom. Family. Faith.

That's why I'm so encouraged to share our most recent interview with Bear Independent (his real name is TJ, but Bear suits him way better). Bear is a modern day prepping expert, even earning a cover spot on a recent Epoch Times magazine.

But under that big burly man-shell, is truly a teddy bear who is making a difference in this world for others. And what I expected to be another interview about prepping turned into a powerful dialogue about one of Bear's amazing ministries.

I hope you listen to it and feel moved to do something meaningful for others too.

Who is Bear Independent? ​

TJ Morris is a servant of The Most High, a husband and father; managing partner of several international entrepreneurial ventures; a business consultant; personal coach, YouTube creator, Podcast host, radio personality, homesteader, carpenter, electrician, and originator of "Tactical Muppet Face." He and his family, flocks, herds, and gaggles of business ventures maintain the Land of Almost Homestead in ArklaTexaHomas, USA.

Grindstone Ministries is an Oklahoma-based 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. Grindstone was founded in 2019 to provide disaster relief and construction services to those most affected by devastating storms. To that end, Grindstone has deployed more than 30 times in the last three years to serve others by performing work as varied as a complete home makeover for a single mom with 3 kids whose house was destroyed by flooding, to disaster cleanup and critical materials distribution during the recent tornadoes in Kentucky.

Grindstone also blesses other ministries and like-minded organizations with labor, materials, and equipment when the Father provides the opportunity. With the Father’s guidance, Grindstone Ministries has grown from an all-volunteer organization to include two full-time staff to better facilitate ongoing and future projects as well as to coordinate and communicate with the blessing that is our army of volunteers. Kaleb House was established while on mission with Grindstone Ministries at Bethany House (a restoration facility for juvenile human trafficking survivors), Grindstone leadership was so moved by the plight of those involved, that we became convicted to not only complete the construction of Bethany House so that it could become operational, but to build our own restoration facility to help those child survivors of human trafficking. To that end, in 2021, we founded our second 501(c)(3) organization: Kaleb House. This Kaleb House organization provides a covering for abused and trafficked children and will allow them to grow and learn in a safe home-like environment.

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