The only shake that completes the job

  • A protein shake should do more than just give you protein, it should help strengthen your immune system. Our Creamy Chocolate Shake, made from a decadent blend of whey protein powder, nonfat milk, rich cocoa, sea salt and monk fruit, is the world’s most nutrient dense shake. Get your essential vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and omega-3s and help your body grow stronger.

    40 Essential Nutrients
    24g Protein
    9 Aminos
    6g Fiber
  • This is not just a vanilla protein shake. It's the world's most nutrient dense shake that's loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and omega-3s to help your body and your immune system grow stronger. We crafted it to be delicious, satisfying and to keep you feeling satiated, by blending vanilla, sea salt, monk fruit, whey, and nonfat milk into a silky creamy experience.

    40 Essential Nutrients
    24g Protein
    9 Aminos
    6g Fiber
  • Everything a shake should deliver

  • 24g of protein

  • Fortified with all 9 essential amino acids

  • Excellent source of 14 vitamins

  • Excellent source of 12 minerals

  • Less than 100 mg of sodium

  • Less than 2.5g of saturated fat

  • Price per serving

  • $3.50

  • $4.66

  • $1.25

  • $1.89

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The line between delicious and healthy has been blended

We love our shakes because they make the perfect addition to any routine or any smoothie recipe you already love. In our endless quest to drink as many of these delicious shakes as possible, we learned some pretty good additions along the way.

  • Add shake powder to a blender

  • Add milk or juice instead of water for a flavor kick and a creamier texture

  • Blend in fruits and peanut butter
    (or similar) to sweeten and thicken

  • Enjoy right away or refrigerate for later perfect for busy lifestyles