A man, A boat, and 30,000 miles of deep blue sea

Golden Globe Race 2022

It's a challenge like no other. Competitors will find themselves alone for close to 300 days at sea, with no outside assistance. They’ll race through some of the world’s most hostile environments with the same technology as the skippers taking part in the inaugural 1968 edition of the race. 

It's not for the faint of heart. In fact, more people have climbed to the summit of Mount Everest than have completed a circumnavigation of the globe under sail.

And Ian Herbert-Jones will be one more to try.

Meet Skipper Ian Herbert-Jones

Having always traveled extensively for his work in the British Army, jumping on and off planes, expecting to be on the far side of the world in just a few hours, is just another day at the office for Ian. And now being at sea, moving only with the power of the wind helps Ian readjust to a more human pace.

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Underway with the World’s Best Provisions

Undertaking a journey of this magnitude requires a lifetime of preparation. When you’re by yourself on the open sea for 9-months straight, there is no day off, and no floating rest stop to pull into for a quick break.

Preparing takes careful planning.  Enduring takes grit.  Succeeding takes a miracle. Nowhere is it more critical for a sound body and sharp mind than when your life depends on it.  And there’s no better way to ensure that than with proper nutrition.  That’s why Ian chose to take Nutrient Survival, the world’s most nutrient dense survival food, onboard for his daily provisions.

Top shelf. Delicious. Special ops grade nutrition. Designed to the nutritional standards of the US military for Special Operations Forces, but intended for people like us.  And like Ian.

And to make sure Ian had what he needed for this journey, we couldn’t just leave him on his own for his meal planning.  So we teamed up with the world-class scientists, nutritionists, doctors, and data techs that know food nutrition best, the team at WISEcode.  Using their sophisticated technology and data algorithms, they put together the optimal menu plan that will not only sustain Ian over his days at sea to merely survive, but instead to fully thrive.

If Nutrient Survival can sustain Ian through this arduous journey, you can rest assured that it will get you and your family through any unexpected eventuality. Compare for yourself and see why Nutrient Survival has no equal.

I have a long-held ambition to sail a solo circumnavigation, to experience the ocean in all its forms for extended periods and to fundamentally challenge myself to go far outside of everyday experiences and comforts.

- Ian Herbert-Jones