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Your mind and body are your greatest assets in an emergency. Treat them with respect. Stay hydrated every day, exercise your mind and muscles, and eat right. Think about the things going in your body, good stuff in means good stuff out. You probably don’t need 5,000+ calories a day like an endurance athlete, but 2,000 dead calories of fast-food vs 2,000 nutrient packed calories of Nutrient Survival is a big difference your body will be able to immediately notice. The bottom line is Special Ops grade nutrition will fuel you like a warrior athlete to perform when you need it most.

Nutrient Survival is more than a food company, we are a performance nutrition company. We know that smart preppers demand the absolute best of themselves, and we want to deliver the absolute best to them to keep them performing at the highest levels, just like an elite Special Forces Operator.
The discovery of vitamins by scientists and medical professionals was a long and slow process that really came to fruition in the 20th century. Prior to these important revelations, cultures knew that eating certain foods would benefit them in certain ways, or cooking methods could have healthier properties than others even though words like nutrients, vitamins, and minerals were not part of anyone’s vocabulary. Here, we are diving into a few somewhat common deficiencies, what they look like, how they happen, and ways you can be prepared to prevent them in the first place. As you begin reading, bear in mind this guide is in no way intended for diagnosing or treating medical conditions. If you have any of these issues seek a medical professional.
A common question amongst beginning preppers is “How do I get my family to be interested and see the importance in being well prepared?” This is a great question, and the answer isn’t always clear cut. Getting into prepping can be overwhelming, especially when your family isn’t fully on board.  However, there are a few ways you can start incorporating readiness into your normal family activities that are enjoyable and provide plenty of opportunity for preparedness lessons and discussion.

Chapter seven: Different Strokes for Different Folks


One of America's greatest resources is its land. If you've had the pleasure and privilege of traveling across our beautiful country or even if you've caught an episode of "Planet Earth," you're aware of the United States' diverse landscape; from small rural towns to large populated cities, luscious forests,

Chapter six: Plant a Seed for New Beginnings



There’s nothing quite as energizing as that first sunny 70 degree day after a long winter of frigid temps and grey skies. Heck, I’ll take 65!  The warmer weather, birds chirping, budding trees and blooming flowers drive inspiration for countless new beginnings. And, if you’re anything like me, this time

Chapter five: The great outdoors; the most natural of nutrients



Remember when playing in the dirt was more popular than playing on the iPad?


I sure do. But what I remember more is my mom scrubbing me down in the tub afterward with a coarse brush and a bar of soap to get the dirt out of my skin.  And never mind the ring around the tub that I left for her afterwards. “Let boys be boys!” she always said.  Love you, Mom.

Chapter four: Your body and your car; they both go places


There’s a reason why cars have long been symbols of personal freedom. There is nothing quite as liberating as getting behind the wheel and heading off on the open road toward the horizon line, whether it be with purpose and destination in mind, or just a spontaneous joy ride to nowhere.

Chapter three: Food Freedom; It’s Not What You Think


“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” - William Faulkner


I was reminded of this great truth during a recent meeting with a new partner of ours. They nailed what we believe here at Nutrient Survival, and what our sole focus is -- giving you the power to feed your freedom.

It is impossible to properly prepare for the unknown without including a plan around food and sustenance. Ensuring you and your loved ones are set-up with the necessary caloric and nutritional requirements remains a critical component of any survival plan. Whether preparing for natural disasters, economic collapse, or your next hunting and backpacking trip, nutrient-dense food must be at the top of your shopping list. Don’t be fooled into thinking your body can thrive on calories alone. Nutrient Survival has taken the guesswork out of it and created delicious foods with all 40 essential nutrients to keep you moving.

Chapter two: Fight or Flight - The Three Tips You Need to Reduce Stress Today
On a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you feeling right now? 

Let’s breathe a collective sigh of relief because I know a thing or two about stress, and trust me, everything will be alright.  Our bodies know when we’re stressed even before our minds can catch up.

Hi everyone, I’m Eric Christianson, CEO of Nutrient Survival, Army vet and former Big Food exec.


Today, I’d like to talk about true freedom. And I don’t just mean that sacred Freedom with a capital “F” that we Americans hold so dear.