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Eddie Penney

Eddie Penney

Eddie Penney, UNAFRAID Brand, Founder & CEO of Contingent Group, is a former Marine and Navy SEAL.

Now he's a best-selling author too. Check out our exclusive interview with Eddie discussing his new book UNAFRAID on the Wolf Pack Podcast.

Once Eddie completed his initial tour of duty with the Marine Corps, he enlisted in the Navy and completed SEAL training. After 5 years of exemplary service, which included deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Eddie was promoted to the elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), better known as SEAL Team 6, where he served an additional 7 years.

When Eddie's tours of duty were concluded, he still desired to give back to his country and spent time training the next generation of Navy SEALs for operational duty overseas in hostile environments. During his 20 years as a combat veteran and Navy SEAL, Eddie has had extensive training and experience with unique and unconventional methods in security that produce results.

With his experience and knowledge, Eddie founded Contingent Group, a risk mitigation company that bases its security techniques on its client's particular needs. Under his leadership, their goal is to creatively, strategically, and vigilantly provide for all of your security needs at home and abroad with integrity, professionalism and discretion.

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