Prevent Dementia with Nutrients, Not Drugs

If you’re over 50, you’re most likely a part of the growing number of people who fears a gradual loss of brain function, otherwise known as cognitive decline or dementia. It’s normal to worry. No one wants to slip into their later years with a failing memory or inability to think clearly and make decisions. And if they do, they’re at the mercy of a health care system ill-equipped to treat cognitive decline. But there is good news, and you’ll learn about it in this book.

Cognitive decline is the fastest growing disease in the world and by far the most costly when the cost of long-term care is factored in. Unfortunately, society has generally accepted that cognition decline is inevitable and unavoidable, yet with no proven medical treatment. If you have a loved one with this condition, you know how heart wrenching and omnipresent it is. 

We do not accept this societal view.  As you age, you aren’t helpless, however, and yes, your memories can last forever. Cognitive decline is mostly the results of lifestyle choices, not genetics. It is simply a story of “too little/too much“ - too little of the nutrients your brain needs daily to maintain health and too much of the foods, drugs, and poor lifestyle choices that damage the brain. 

About This Book

The first section of this book explores the beauty of the brain and how it is designed to regenerate forever. It will help you understand, appreciate, and love your beautiful brain, as the incredible gift it is.

You’ll also come to understand how your lifestyle choices either strengthen your brain or damage it. Unfortunately, more people are making lifestyle choices that interfere with the brain’s function and result in declining mental faculties with age. Most of this is a result of “neuroinflammation,” a process that gradually damages brain cells but can be reversed with proper nutrition and other positive lifestyle habits.

In the second section, we lay out our recommended program for preserving memories forever, from diet to supportive nutrients to lifestyle measures you can begin right away. As older adults, we both started this program years ago, putting its strategies to practical use, and we believe (and tests indicate) that our brains have grown stronger since then.

Although behavior change is challenging, we give you a simple dietary program: add one good brain care habit/subtract one bad brain care habit – so that improvements in brain care are gradual and are integrated into your daily life.

Once you have started this program, expect to gradually:

  • Feel more mentally alert
  • Experience greater clarity of thought
  • Have more overall energy
  • Feel younger
  • Make your brain more resilient to disease

Starting this program as early as possible is ideal. But we meet you where you are, and you can begin at any age – because there is room for improvement at any age – even if you are a pre-menopausal woman (and at a higher risk for cognitive decline.)

Our prescription is simple:

  • Consume a nutrient dense diet. Eventually, we expect a new breakthrough technology company, WISEcode, to produce a tool to help you obtain the most nutrients from your diet, along with our ready-to-eat foods, which are fortified with brain-healthy nutrients.
  • Even without the technology assistance, you can easily learn the “add one/subtract one” diet to help you. We show you how with the BrainCare Diet.
  • Focus on nutrients your brain loves and generally do not get. We introduce you to products formulated with intensive nutrients the brain loves and uses for healing.

Everything in this book and the products offered are the result of 10 years of specific research as well as a lifetime effort to promote the best brain performance in everyone. We live it daily and have for the last decade.

The human brain is the last frontier of medicine, and science has barely touched the surface of this very complex organ. But we know that each individual is gifted a brain when we step into this world.  We believe our brains, like our bodies, can be protected and perform forever. The first line of defense is to do this naturally by care for our brain, not by drugs.