mRNA Vaccines in Livestock Are Here Now

mRNA Vaccines in Livestock Are Here Now

Like clockwork, the mainstream media fact checkers pulled out their self-righteous truth-detectors and flagged it as "false."

What are they "bleeping out" this time? Just the truth about how mRNA vaccines are being used with reckless abandon in our food supply.

Renowned physician and biochemist, Dr. Robert Malone, who was tarred and feathered by the MSM for his "misinformation" about the safety of the COVID mRNA vaccines, has something to share with all of us that none of us could have imagined.

We've been EATING livestock injected with mRNA vaccines for years now. That's right, instead of using traditional vaccines that use weakened or dead versions of a virus to stimulate an immune response, Big Pharma has turned to genetically manipulated mRNA vaccines instead. That's because mRNA vaccines are cheaper and faster to manufacture. And what's even better for these drug companies, no one is really watching what they're doing.

So that makes sense, right? Use engineered vaccines to fight engineered viruses. What a beautifully simple and brilliant business model. 

They did it once. And they can do it again. Who knows what Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Food, and probably Big Government is cooking up next for us. They're all in on it.

Well, we're not playing their game. At Nutrient Survival, we call "bull" when we see it. And we're committed to keeping our products clean of artificial anything. That's why we source only natural, organic or non-GMO food ingredients - with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And we always will.

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