Though I Be The Lone Survivor

Though I Be The Lone Survivor

There are certain things you've memorized in your younger years that you will never forget.  For me, that phrase - "Though I be the lone survivor" - is one of them.

It's the last sentence of the Ranger Creed. Something I memorized 29-years ago when I attended Ranger school and earned my tab along with my brothers in arms of Ranger Class 7-93.

I learned a lot at Ranger School. One of them was the impact of nutrient deficiency in a high-stress, intense physical environment. I experienced first hand what a sustained calorie and nutrient deficit does to you. You feel weak. You feel tired. You get sick. You can't think straight. Your body doesn't heal. Basically, you can't function.

The Army knows this too. And while enduring through extreme hunger was as rite of passage at Ranger School, it's not what makes for an effective warfighter any other time. That's why for years, the military has studied the impact of nutrition on Special Operations Forces in training and in battle. They've come to one huge conclusion.

Nutrient dense food makes better warriors.

It gives our elite operators the strong body and sound mind they need to optimally function and win our Nation's wars. That's why at Nutrient Survival, we specifically designed our products to exceed the nutritional standards of the US military for those rations used by our elite Special Operations Forces. 

If nutrient dense food works for these warriors, it will most definitely work for people like us.  Whether you're adventuring, exploring, passing down traditions, or simply being smart and keeping your priorities and plans in order, nothing prepares you like proper nutrition.

In times like these, why settle for anything less to protect what you love. Take action today.

Feed Your Freedom!