That’s the Black Scout Survival mantra. And nothing prepares you better for what's to come than proper nutrition. Stay or go. We've got you covered. Get the new exclusive Black Scout Survival NRE Emergency Food Supply Bucket and be prepared for anything.


Black Scout Survival

Black Scout Survival is more than just a tactical gear, survival school, and YouTube destination. It is a lifestyle - a mindset. To be prepared for any situation no matter the environment. Black denotes the covert and "grey" aspect of that lifestyle. SCOUT is an acronym encompassing the Black Scout Survival ideology (Survival Concepts in Outdoor and Urban Terrain). A Scout is always at the forefront. They are the intrepid. The inventive. The determined and stalwartly proud. Stay frosty. Stay strapped. Stay dangerous.

A Scout is always at the forefront. They are the intrepid. The Inventive. The determined and stalwartly proud.

Black Scout Survival NRE Emergency Food Supply

Introducing a breakthrough in your daily nutrition - the NRE, short for Nutrition Ready-to-Eat. It puts a regular MRE to shame! Exclusively available in the new Black Scout Survival bucket kit. You get TWO NRE's - each a day's worth of rations to keep you at the top of your game. And that's just the beginning, because we rounded out this kit with four other delicious family favorites. Stay or go. We got you covered.



Nutrition Scores calculated using data provided by manufacturers on respective Nutrition Facts labels as disclosed between August, 2021 and April, 2022. Nutrition data not disclosed is displayed as "--" and not included in calculations.

The Man Behind The Brand

Jack Richland is an expert in Urban/Wilderness Survival and a former eight-year U.S. Marine veteran. During that time he deployed to countless countries across the globe. Jack’s experience and training led him to start Black Scout Survival - a tactical/survival gear company, survival school, and YouTube channel. He's also worked as a consultant for television shows and was a senior editor of an outdoor magazine. 

Want to learn more? Check out our exclusive interview with Jack on the Wolf Pack Podcast.

Special Ops Grade Nutrition

In high stress situations, your body and mind can fail. That’s why you need Nutrient Survival.  Top-shelf, delicious, Special Ops grade nutrition. Designed to the nutritional standards of the US military, but intended for people like us. It’s preparedness through nutrition. A new, essential ingredient in life’s toolkit. So you can protect what you love.