Freedom To Roam: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Freedom To Roam: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Chapter seven: Different Strokes for Different Folks


One of America's greatest resources is its land. If you've had the pleasure and privilege of traveling across our beautiful country or even if you've caught an episode of "Planet Earth," you're aware of the United States' diverse landscape; from small rural towns to large populated cities, luscious forests, grandiose mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers and everything in between. No matter where you live or where you've been, you can't really argue with the fact that some beautiful land makes up the place we all call home. 




But what's just as remarkable as the views from the mountain tops or a night out in a bustling city? I'd say it is our freedom we have to actually roam them. We all have different outlooks on what makes our lives great. Maybe it's our vast farmland where we can grow our own crops or raise or own animals, and spend time with our families, or maybe it's a 500 sq. ft. apartment in the upper east side of NYC. No matter what living environment floats your boat, we all have one thing in common that comes with the territory of being human. And that is, we all have an inner warrior that is fighting for freedom, whether you know it or not. 




Like our amazing country, every person is unique in their own way but, it's without a doubt that we all share many common threads. We need nutrients to survive and thrive in any situation we may face. 

Some of the most extreme situations people may face are in combat situations. That's why the military has studied this for years. They even have a consortium in Bethesda, Maryland, dedicated to the study of Human Performance Optimization (HPO). It's purpose is to help soldiers perform at their optimum potential in high stress situations so they can come home alive. When it comes to our warrior's food, guess what they discovered? That's right. The great scientists and smartest nutritionists the military could muster agreed on one thing. Nutrient dense foods enhance soldier performance! I'm confident that under extreme situations or not, nutrient dense foods can do the same for you. 



That's why at Nutrient Survival, we've specifically developed our delicious foods to the standards of the US Armed Forces. And they're not just military grade. We took it one step further to meet the nutritional standards for the foods developed for those high-tempo missions embarked upon by our most elite warriors, Special Operations Forces. In fact, our meals meet or exceed 23 nutrient standards by about 2.5 those required! That's Special Ops Grade Nutrition. No other brand comes close.

So, whether you're a city dweller, a farm worker, a mountain climber, a member of the military or anyone else in our great nation, you can find solace in the fact that we all share a common bond.   

No matter what freedom means to you or where you call home, I'm here to share that nutrients don't discriminate. We are all warriors in one way or another and we all need and deserve special ops grade nutrition so we can perform at our very best no matter what we choose to do in this life. 


Want to be free to roam and feel good while doing so? 



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