The Power Of Playing In The Dirt: On Patrol With Ranger EC

The Power Of Playing In The Dirt: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Chapter five: The great outdoors; the most natural of nutrients


Remember when playing in the dirt was more popular than playing on the iPad?

I sure do. But what I remember more is my mom scrubbing me down in the tub afterward with a coarse brush and a bar of soap to get the dirt out of my skin.  And never mind the ring around the tub that I left for her afterwards. “Let boys be boys!” she always said.  Love you, Mom.

Whether we like it or not, times are changing. Now, the days of cooking up a “mud pie” in the backyard have been primarily replaced by “screen time” with friends. The pandemic has completely transformed our society’s outlook and approach to safety, socialization, and, arguably most importantly, our body’s natural ability to protect itself. And, with the disappearance of in-person parties, conferences, and other gatherings, coupled with the overuse of hand sanitizer and all-things antibacterial, children and adults alike are not receiving exposure to natural stimuli and natural defense mechanisms. Ironically, in our obsession with sanitizing our environment, we’re losing our ability to naturally protect ourselves. There’s no doubt this new way of living is hurting us mentally and physically but, luckily, not all hope is lost. 



We’ve all been told that there are good germs and bad germs. And maybe you’ve even heard that overusing hand sanitizer may not be the best way to “protect yourself” from the “bad germs” that cause illnesses. There’s science to back this up.  Check out this recent interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal that shares how modern life is making it harder for people to get exposure to the microbes our bodies need. So, the way we live today (and our heavy use of antibacterial cleaning products) has ultimately disrupted our microbiome and immune system development. I’m not here to fearmonger but...the problem may only be getting worse. Don’t worry! There are actions we can take to protect ourselves and strengthen our body’s natural armor so we can be the everyday warriors we were meant to be. 



Getting outside and digging in the dirt is one way to protect and strengthen your body’s natural armor and boost your immune system. Spending time outside definitely helps but, if you’re not keen on eating dirt like I was as a kid, I highly recommend you give Nutrient Survival a shot. It’s much more palatable than dirt (in my humblest of opinions) and -- even better -- it’s elite survival food that provides you with all the nutrients you need for a sound body and sharp mind to perform when you need to most. And, in case you missed it, we just launched NEW Singles of your favorites so you can easily pack Nutrient Survival along with you on-the-go wherever and whenever you want. 

Fuel yourself with the good stuff and you’ll be ready for anything. Your inner warrior thanks you!



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