Tactical Rifleman's OPERATION VALKYRIE 2023 - Sponsored by Nutrient Survival

Tactical Rifleman's OPERATION VALKYRIE 2023 - Sponsored by Nutrient Survival

Want a behind the scenes look at Tactical Rifleman's training? Look no further.

Follow along as Operation Valkyrie 2022 unfolds and gives you a taste of some of the best training out there. Take it from Nutrient Survival CEO Eric Christianson, "Tactical Rifleman and his Special Forces cadre are the best in the world."

Operation Valkyrie is a training course we run every winter. Lots of requests but we only run 9 clients per course. We never film it and keep it confidential, because we don't want to spoil it for the next group. Still, everyone wants to know more. So, since we change the mission every few years, we decided to film this year's course.

So, how do you describe it? Want a Gut Check? How about 3 days & 4 nights of Precision Rifle & Survival classes, mission planning & rehearsals, tactical infiltration & movement behind enemy lines, partisan link up, cave operations, RON site & patrolling, multi-team Sniper Hit (on radio count-down), E&R against roving armed patrols & K-9 teams… oh, and all your gear has gotta fit in a Kayak.

Not hard enough? Let’s do it in late Feb in the sleet & snow. This is a training course, that is very heavy with tactical role playing & practical exercises in a realistic environment.

It is NOT for the meek. If you have never been in the woods; stay home. If you have never been cold; stay home. If you just want easy “canned” training on a flat range with a warm hotel nearby; stay home. If you are unsure that you can actually “Man Up” if you really had to; stay home. It IS for those wanting to try something HARDER.

If you like Precision Rifle, but want to try the “tactical” application of the art (what it was designed for!!!); come try it. If you like Survival Training and aren’t scared to ACTUALLY try to use the gear you keep buying; come try it. If you want to work as part of a 3-man Sniper team (each team advised by their own retired SF Sniper), and learn the tactics of UW Sniper operations; come try it. If you want to do both Day and Night (Gen-III & Thermal) Sniper takedowns with live ammo; come try it. If you want to do actual patrolling under ground and sleep in a cave; come try it. If you want a “taste” of Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations, to include linking up with Guerrilla forces, sneaking through patrolled hostile areas, and thinking “outside the box;” come try it.

If you trust that Tactical Rifleman wont let you die in the freezing cold, if you can’t save yourself; come try it. If you are a little scared, that means you are taking it serious enough, and your soul is telling you that it’s self-doubt is balancing it’s primeval desire to jump right in. If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be worth doing.