From Worries to Actions: How Americans Tackle Hurricane Preparedness

From Worries to Actions: How Americans Tackle Hurricane Preparedness

While US weather forecasters are predicting a La Niña summer with the potential for an earlier hurricane season and active storm related events, we took a survey assessing the level of concern and sense of preparedness in American hurricane regions.

The survey, conducted in April 2024 with residents in the mid-Atlantic and southern states revealed that approximately 80% of residents are somewhat, very, and extremely concerned with the ensuing hurricane season, which typically runs from June 1 through November 30. Of the 138 individuals polled, 73% have already experienced a hurricane.

The most cited challenge in preparedness was difficulty finding essential supplies at 36.2% - ahead of securing property, evacuation logistics, communications breakdowns, medical emergencies, and financial constraints. When further prompted, bottled water and shelf-stable/non-perishable food were the most prioritized supplies.

The survey was revealing in the expressed lack of confidence in shelf-stable food and water access ahead of extreme weather season. We were surprised by this finding because sufficient food and water prep is one of the easiest and tangible things one can do to prepare for extreme weather.

We believe some of the barriers relates to lack of storage space and misconceptions around emergency food kits. There is a belief that shelf stable - or ‘emergency food’ is low quality, low taste, low nutrition and something to be consumed only in a survival scenario. We understand why people are hesitant in investing in food that they hope NOT to have to eat when day-to-day grocery costs are spiking.

Your pantry shouldn’t be a tomb where shelf-stable foods go to die. It should be regularly used, rotated, and restocked over time. Some tasty foods with great nutrition can come in cans, freeze-dried pouches, bars, and more. We want consumers to create muscle memory around the applications and potential of high-quality shelf stable food.

As an example, our Nutrition Ready to Eat Bravo Pack, contains 7 servings that spans a full day worth of individually packaged, delicious meals and drinks, including Hearty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Hearty Lasagna, Creamy Vanilla Shake, Triple Cheese Mac, Peanut Butter Bar-Meals, Vitamin Coffee, and Liquid Nutrient Lemon Lime. The 1355 nutrient packed calories and 70 grams of protein in convenient servings help to sustain you from morning to night.

Dedicate a ‘pantry day’ or ‘prepper meal’ each week. Better yet, if the weather is good our emergency food kits work wonderfully as trail snacks and camp meals. You can be prepared with good foods and enjoy the spoils all at the same time.

 To download a PDF of the survey responses, click here.