The Warrior Within: On Patrol With Ranger EC

The Warrior Within: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Chapter one: Where does true “freedom” begin?

Hi everyone, I’m Eric Christianson, CEO of Nutrient Survival, Army vet and former Big Food exec.

Today, I’d like to talk about true freedom. And I don’t just mean that sacred Freedom with a capital “F” that we Americans hold so dear.

As the leader of our new food tech company, I am passionate about protecting, defending, and enabling freedom in every sense of the word. That’s because I believe that true freedom begins within US - within OUR BODIES.  It’s the freedom to thrive.



I was in the military for over a decade before I started my business career with some of the biggest food companies in America. During that time in the Army, I’d eaten more than my fair share of MREs and other “shut up, eat up, get up” military meals. When you’re a tired, starving wanna-be at Ranger school, you don’t complain much. You lick those wrappers clean. Trust me.

But you also realize that when your body is starving for nutrients, it simply doesn’t have what it needs to keep you strong from the inside out. You get sick easier because your immune system is worn out.  When you get nicked or bruised on missions, your body doesn’t heal. It gets worse. And when you’re run down, your mind turns to jelly and your body refuses to perform as it should.

Most people don’t go to Ranger School and starve their bodies of nutrients, but unfortunately, the same thing is happening to them in everyday life when they eat processed food from most grocery stores and restaurants. We may be well-fed, but we are also malnourished.


That’s why at Nutrient Survival, we’re on a mission to revolutionize what to expect from food. We’re starting with survival food because when your life depends on it the most, we believe a sound body and mind make all the difference in emergency situations to get you through. 

Every one of us is born with the innate will to survive. To fight, to live, to thrive. Whether you’re an athlete, adventurer, survivalist, active or retired military, or a hard-working parent trying to keep things going during a pandemic, we all have a fighter instinct within us as we take on what life throws our way.

I call that your “inner warrior.” 

But how do we fuel our inner warrior when the odds are stacked against us in the form of processed, nutrient-deficient foods? Most of us don’t have the time to worry about fueling our bodies with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, aminos, omegas and fiber we need on a daily basis. What if there was something we could eat to protect our freedom from the inside out…?

I’m glad you’re here and I encourage you to check out how Nutrient Survival can help fuel that amazing inner warrior of yours so you may not only survive, but thrive, no matter what life throws your way. An able body and mind are our most powerful forces in emergencies and in life. And in order to be exceptional in everything we do and have true freedom to be our best, exceptional selves, we must fuel our bodies to unleash our potential NATURALLY.

Because, at the end of the day, our strength comes from within. 

How are you fueling your inner warrior’s freedom today?