Ready, Aim, Relax: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Ready, Aim, Relax: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Chapter two: Fight or Flight - The Three Tips You Need to Reduce Stress Today

On a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you feeling right now?

Let’s breathe a collective sigh of relief because I know a thing or two about stress, and trust me, everything will be alright.  Our bodies know when we’re stressed even before our minds can catch up.

And, in times of duress, our bodies and minds become even more vulnerable.



So, I’ve got a few must-know tips on how you can reduce and manage your stress right here, right now. And I promise you, you’ll feel better by the end of this note.


My first tip on managing your stress is to acknowledge that you’re not in charge! And neither is your wife!

She (or he) is actually #2. For me, the first in command is the man upstairs. I don’t care what or who you believe in, but until you come to terms with the fact that the universe is a whole lot bigger than you, you’re going to be miserable and confused.

Personally, I find complete peace in knowing that I don’t have to worry about all that life presents, because it’s all part of a much bigger plan.



Believing in something bigger than you, doesn’t mean that you don’t do everything in your power to be ready. To be prepared.

When I went to West Point, I was surrounded by the best and brightest in the country. The people I was around were amazing. They still are. I was definitely not the smartest, or the most gifted, or the best athlete, or the most STRAC (S: skilled T: tough R: ready A: around the C: clock).

But what I was better at, was being well prepared. 

I worked hard and made sure I was ready for anything and everything. As the famous saying from Louis Pasteur goes, "chance favors the prepared mind, and opportunity favors the bold."

 My preparedness helped me out and I was blessed to graduate at the top of my class.




Take a look around in your pantry and fridge. Is your food working to reduce your stress for you? 

I’m not just talking about lavender tea or an ice cold IPA after a long day (although those are nice too). If you’re struggling to find out which ingredients are helpful in reducing stress, promoting relaxation and fueling your body for the next emergency situation or minor inconvenience, Nutrient Survival may be able to help.

In fact, your brain is your body’s largest user of the nutrients you consume. Eating nutrient-dense foods will dramatically increase your mental well-being, happiness, and sleep. This leads to an improvement in your focus and reduces the amount of stress and anxiety you have.

Yep. Your brain makes up only 2% of your body weight, but it takes up more than 20% of your body's daily energy intake. Don’t starve your brain and drain your energy.  Eat a diet rich in nutrients, kick stress in the ass, and thrive.



But, lucky for you, there are simple ways you can take action. Do it. You’re exceptional.



I’ll be back next week to see how you feel. Breathe easy, and relax! 


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