Nutrient Survival Makes National Debut On CNBC With Shepard Smith

Nutrient Survival Makes National Debut On CNBC With Shepard Smith


America's most trusted and innovative emergency food company Nutrient Survival® set to debut on the CNBC show The News with Shepard Smith exploring the benefits of nutritious food prepping and the rising appeal of emergency preparedness

Viewers are treated to an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the 100,000 square foot Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, based facility showcasing the food technology behind its exclusive patented freeze-dried process using top-quality ingredients and chef-inspired delicious recipes.


March 23, 2022- (Reno-Tahoe, Nevada) Nutrient Survival®, considered by many to be America’s most credible and admired new food company, will be featured on the top-rated CNBC show The News with Shepard Smith on March 24, 2022, at 7pm EST. Viewers will get an up close and personal look at the dynamic food technology and preparedness process behind one of the most innovative food companies in America. 

Nutrient Survival’s signature motto “Feed Your Freedom” appeals to millions of customers who find the popular food preparedness collection of survival and emergency food and drinks a perfect fit for their families both long-term and everyday active lifestyles. 

From delicious, protein cookie meals, family favorite entrees, and nutrient packed peanut butter bars to scrambled vitamin eggs, Colombian coffee and more, each nutritious meal is prepared through a patented freeze-dried process and is packed with 40 essential nutrients, fresh ingredients and comes with a shelf storage life of up to 25 years. 

Company CEO and food industry thought leader Eric Christianson believes that the recent pandemic, natural disasters, civil unrest, and international tension, has made consumers more mindful of being prepared for future emergencies.

“The pandemic showed us all that being prepared was a good idea, and that being prepared with proper nutrition was an even better one.  Believe it or not, over 50% of the US population preps and another 25% say they intend to start prepping. These numbers show that prepping is mainstream, not a little paranoid fringe group. It's literally either you, or the family next door,” states Christianson.

Christianson, a former Fortune 100 food executive and Ranger qualified veteran, also believes the most important part of preparedness in any emergency situation is that one is alert and of sound body and mind to handle the chaotic situation.

"Feed Your Freedom is our company motto for a reason. I strongly believe, if you are of strong body and mind, you can handle anything. Our products help you do just that by empowering you to take action today. Made with real ingredients and packed with 40 essential nutrients, Nutrient Survival not only helps you survive in the toughest situation but also lets you thrive to be the best you can be and protect what you love.”