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EMP's & Food Shortages - Chris Heaven Survival Dispatch Exclusive Interview

EMP's & Food Shortages - Chris Heaven Survival Dispatch Exclusive Interview

This world is completely going bonkers. It is topsy turvy. We have wars and rumors of wars, not just Russia, Ukraine. It seems like the threats have elevated with China, with North Korea, with domestic concerns internally. There is every single day a discussion about a nuclear incident, a nuclear drop, EMPs that we are potentially seeing come across in satellites and doing things of that nature. We've got banks collapsing. We've got wave after wave after wave of pandemics and monkey pox and fungus viruses. What the heck is going on?

My feeling is that there's going to be some pretty crazy events in my lifetime and that preparing for them is absolutely paramount, not just for us, but for everybody's families in America. What are the signs that you see that we're on the verge of a significant event?

So a lot of munitions. We've got tremendous disruption to our food supply. And you can't fight if you're hungry. We've got massive division in our country over ridiculous topics. This is a direct result of our adversaries pitting us against each other. So in 1949, China started their 100-year plan. One of the best ways to defeat your enemy is to divide them, then add in everything else that I just mentioned with regards to food, shortage of munitions, so on and so forth.

Then you also mentioned the EMP strikes at the beginning. The most common way to create an EMP is a nuclear bomb, nuclear explosion. The Russians have 5,000 high altitude nukes. So if they were to let them off, say 30, 60, 90 miles above sea level, the EMP would cover the entire continent. And most people don't realize that typically devices damaged by EMPs are done. They're not coming back. The diodes explode in them. Our power grid will be completely done. They'll have to be rebuilt.

So just from my own perspective, when I take these things into account, nuclear war is a minute away. We have extremely depleted oil reserves, extremely depleted munitions. For 40 years now, the Republicans and the Democrats, basically two different sides of the same coin, have not taken action to protect our grid from EMPs. Our grid was poorly designed. So we essentially have three grids. Texas is all by itself. And you have the eastern half of the country and the western half. Texas grid is not connected to the rest of us. But none of it's protected. It would be about $5 billion, not a whole lot of money in the grand scheme of things, to protect our grid. So I'm pretty fond of saying we've become a first world country with a third world power grid. And while I would agree that the level of awareness is increasing, there's still a vast majority of people are not attuned to what's actually happening. And I believe that they will be caught completely by surprise. And then just to dovetail into your comments on the banking situation, I don't believe that this is an anomaly. I believe that it was something that's been planned. It will force people into the central banking digital currency. You won't even have to file a term because every single transaction will be recorded. And there will be an implementation, likely a social credit score.