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Five Ways to Use Your Vitamin Butter

Five Ways to Use Your Vitamin Butter

By Alexander Crown

Butter has been a staple for humans since its accidental discovery in 8,000 B.C. A sheep herder, who stored milk on the back of one of his sheep, took a long trek that jostled the milk and turned it into a delicious cream that today we know as butter. We know how butter is a basic need in kitchens and are very happy to offer our Powdered Vitamin Butter to give the prepared another tool in their survival toolbox.  Using this butter goes beyond just spreading it on toast although it is really great at that too. Here are a few things you may not have thought about for your delicious friend, butter.

1. Popcorn Flavoring

Who doesn’t love going to the movies and getting a big bucket of buttery popcorn? The smell alone invokes memories of Friday nights at the movie theater. Once your kernels are popped just sprinkle on your butter powder to your taste and enjoy! Popcorn kernels are also a good option to store because they can be used for other foods beyond being popped. If you have a grain mill or mortar & pestle, they can be ground and used for grits (another great thing to put butter powder on), cornbread, or even cornmeal.

2. Spreadable Goodness

Ok, we did mention this prior but its worth mentioning again. This Powdered Vitamin Butter is excellent for whipping up and spreading on fresh bread or rolls. Wheat is another human staple and found in most long-term food storage systems. Once you’ve baked your bread or naan or even the old school hardtack, smear some of this butter powder on with a pinch of salt.

3. Buttery Potatoes

Growing your own potatoes and instant potatoes are another common prepper item and adding butter powder to them will not only make them even smoother but will also add valuable nutrition to a filling food. The standard off the shelf packets of instant potatoes includes little, if any, vitamins so adding one tablespoon of Powdered Vitamin Butter per a serving of instant potatoes will go a long way in keeping you and your family healthy.

4. Add to Eggs

Our experience with the Nutrient Survival Powdered Vitamin Egg Blend has let us in on a little secret. If you add a tablespoon of butter powder to the egg powder and mix, it makes the eggs extra fluffy when scrambled! Combining these two power houses will make a very vitamin, nutrient, and mineral packed meal.

5. Baking

If you haven’t checked out our recipe for Nutrient Survival Waffles, you really should. We used ingredients commonly found in long term food storage and combined them with Nutrient Survival Eggs, Milk, and Butter powders to make filling, nutritious and kid approved waffles. The recipe is easily modified to make pancakes and is only limited by your imagination.

Butter is a staple but by itself is difficult to keep in long term storage systems. Having a can of Nutrient Survival Powdered Vitamin Butter in the pantry for everyday use and a few more stockpiled for a rainy day, gives you peace of mind as well as a nutritious solution for different foods. Let us know how you use our powdered butter on social media, we love seeing how creative our customers can be! Until next time... Feed Your Freedom!


Alexander Crown is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper who spent time in a scout/sniper platoon in OIF. Alexander spends his time exploring Idaho, hunting, fishing, and camping. He’s a lifelong practitioner of preparedness, emphasizing self-reliance and organic gardening.