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Special Ops Grade Nutrition: The Gold Standard for Performance Nutrition

Special Ops Grade Nutrition: The Gold Standard for Performance Nutrition

Nutrient Survival is more than a food company, we are a performance nutrition company. We know that smart preppers demand the absolute best of themselves, and we want to deliver the absolute best to them to keep them performing at the highest levels, just like an elite Special Forces Operator.

Our food is designed to deliver the maximum amount of essential nutrients across the five nutrient categories: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and fiber. This is a break down of the Five Categories from our Nutrient Scoring Calculation Methodology that highlights the 40 essential nutrients. These are the nutrients your body must have to stay operating at peak levels, and they are only available from food.

The Nutrient Score uses a science-based methodology that measures a food's relative nutrition value through nutrient density and other related nutrition factors, like important nutritional ratios and the amount of sugar.  Simply, how many nutrients are packed in per unit of energy (calorie) or weight (gram). Nutrient Survival meals are the gold standard at providing what Special Operations need in their food. Each serving of our foods exceeds the daily recommended intake for essential nutrients. These scores aren’t from us either. The testing was performed by a third-party, data-science company, WISEcode LLC. WISEcode is bringing food standard testing into the 21st century. Their team of scientists and engineers are looking at food and grading it based on the latest information the world has, not outdated, inaccurate information based on studies done at the expense of the food industry or some silly pyramid that isn’t based on current science. Human’s understanding of food and nutrition has made significant leaps in the past several decades. 

The next important consideration is the Army Regulation 40-25, Nutrition and Menu Standards for Human Performance Optimization. This is a 25-page document that outlines nutrition needs for not just the Army, but also shares doctrine with the Navy, Air Force, and the Marine Corps., as well as some Federal employees and many others associated with the Federal Government. This document outlines many aspects of food and how it factors into human performance. One major factor is energy requirements and adjusting them based on activity, environmental factors, clothing, body size, and terrain. These specifically are referring to daily caloric intake, the nutrient requirements are outlined further.

The major takeaway from this document and the corresponding research is that humans, just like a car, need fuel. The type of fuel you put in will directly relate to the quality of the human output. Good food means good performance. It is not just about calorie intake; those calories need to be meaningful and if possible, directly correspond with the persons needs.

Our food is the most nutritional and best tasting on the market. It isn’t just for survival situations either. Taking our food camping, hiking, endurance racing, or just anytime you are exerting yourself is a smart move. Do we encourage you to stock up in the event of a man made or natural disaster? Of course, having a small stockpile of food is cheap insurance and as very recent events have shown us, it doesn’t take much for the grocery shelves to become empty.

Nutrient Survival is committed to providing food that is optimized for human performance and we think some of the best performing humans are those within the Special Operations community. Our food is made to give them what they need to defend freedom and we know it will give you and your family what you need to make it through tough times.


Alexander Crown is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper who spent time in a scout/sniper platoon in OIF. Alexander spends his time exploring Idaho, hunting, fishing, and camping. He’s a lifelong practitioner of preparedness, emphasizing self-reliance and organic gardening.