60,000 lbs of Bomb ingredients Missing From Dyno Train Car

60 thousand pounds of explosive chemicals somehow just disappeared. That’s right – a railcar carrying 30 tons of ammonium nitrate is gone. If that substance sounds remotely familiar, it’s because it was the same stuff that Timothy McVeigh used to blow up the Oklahoma City building. Except he only used 5,000 pounds of the stuff – and we’re talking about 60,000 pounds of it. That’s only, I don’t know, 12 times as much – and it’s just missing. The company that loaded it up on the train, and shipped it off is called Dyno Noble. And they make explosives. Lots of them. But when asked about the railcar showing up empty at its destination – a spokesperson for the company said that they suspect a it was leak that occurred and that it poses no threat to the environment. I guess, since the chemical is also used in fertilizer, everyone is just waiting for the grass along the rail line to green up from it, so we can all go back to sleep. But for me, I’m more concerned. You see folks, we’ve heard sound bites like this before. And no doubt, the powers that be want to keep this one on the down low. So you’re not going to see it on the front page of the Times. In fact, I could only find 2 news articles about it. Why cause panic right. Well here’s why. 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate is unaccounted for. And that can make a lot of bombs. Just google it. You’ll find that ammonium nitrate forms all kinds of explosives when combined with other things like TNT, aluminum powder, or just plain old fuel oil. Yep, combining ammonium nitrate with that last one fuel oil makes ANFO – it’s so simple it’s widely used as a bulk industrial explosive. And if you think Oklahoma City in 1995 was an isolated incident – think again. Ammonium nitrate-based explosives were also used in the Sterling Hall bombing in Madison, Wisconsin in 1970… the 2011 Delhi bombings… the 2011 bombing in Oslo… and the 2013 Hyderabad, India blasts. In fact, the substance posed such a threat, that the government of Pakistan imposed a band to prevent insurgents from using these cheap, easy to make, easy to use explosive. But we’re told, there’s nothing to worry about. Some people at the railroad line that did the shipping, Union Pacific, also said there’s nothing to worry about. It was probably a leak and the only thing we’re going to see is green grass along the tracks. Really? They obviously don’t understand mankind. Man’s nature. I’m talking boys and their bombs. And if bad boys, bad men get their hands on 60,000 pounds of explosive ingredient --- well… I think bad things could happen. And besides that, I also don’t trust the people feeding us these lines anymore. This stuff was shipped last month, the report of it missing was filed on May 10, and now another week later, the public is finally hearing about it. It left full, and arrived empty. This doesn’t just happen by accident. Somethings going on. And it might just explain why one of my sources has counted over 1,000 observation flights that have been circling the Western states looking for something in the past couple weeks. Hmmmm. It’s a little early for deer season. What do you think’s going on Wolf Pack? Am I over-reacting here? should we go back to sleep and trust everything’s going to be alright. Please… Share your comments below, and make sure you subscribe, turn your notification bell on, and hit that like button. Until next time, be ready, be strong, be alert and keep on prepping.