Alpha Warriors

Jack Richland

Jack Richland

Jack Richland, Black Scout Survival, Urban/Wilderness Survival Expert and former U.S. Marine. While serving for eight-years as a Marine, Jack deployed to countless countries across the globe in harm's way and in service to our great Nation.

After his time, Jack’s experience and training naturally led him to start Black Scout Survival - an innovative tactical / survival gear company, survival school, and YouTube channel.

Today, Black Scout Survival has become more than an idea. It is a lifestyle - a mindset. To be prepared for any situation no matter the environment. Black denotes the covert and "grey" aspect of that lifestyle. SCOUT is an acronym encompassing the Black Scout Survival ideology (Survival Concepts in Outdoor and Urban Terrain). A Scout is always at the forefront. They are the intrepid. The inventive. The determined and stalwartly proud.   

Stay frosty. Stay strapped. Stay dangerous.