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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is an active duty U.S. Air Force specialist, Military Survival Instructor and staunch 2A supporter.  His YouTube channel, Garand Thumb discusses gun and military culture.

In the Air Force, Mike serves as a member of Air Force Special Warfare as a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) AFSC 1Z3X1, aligned with conventional, Special Operation Forces, and Tier 1 combat maneuver units.

Indeed, there are few things that can change the course of battle like a properly executed air strike.  TACPs imbed with Army and Marine units on the frontline with the responsibility for calling in an air strike, artillery, or naval gunfire, on the right target at just the right time. These highly trained experts go through intense physical, mental and technical training in order to withstand the demanding conditions of battle and provide their team with the firepower they need for continued success on the battlefield.

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