How it works


    Create a FREE account and start earning points for every purchase, PLUS get points for completing tasks.


    Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend, including for Subscribe and Save orders.


    Use your Pack Reward points for exclusive savings on full price products at checkout.

Redeeming your Pack Rewards points is easy! There's a dropdown on the Checkout page where you can choose your reward and apply it to your order. If you would prefer to generate your unique coupon code in advance, just follow the three steps below.

  • 1

    Add the desired products to your cart

  • 2

    Choose the amount you want to redeem below and click "Redeem"

  • 3

    Add the coupon code at checkout



How do I join the Pack Rewards program?

To join the Pack Rewards program just click on the "Join For Free" button at the top of this page or register for an account. If you already have an account, you will earn points with every purchase you make. Welcome to the Wolf Pack!

What does it cost to Join?

Joining the Pack Rewards program is absolutely free! Just sign up for an account and start earning points with every purchase.

Where can I find my Pack Rewards points balance?

To access your Pack Rewards points balance, click on the head and shoulders icon in the top right corner of our website (between the magnifying glass and cart icons). Log in to your account and your points balance is listed directly beneath your order history. If you are already logged in to your account, you can also see your balance at the top of this page.

What are my Pack Rewards points worth?

Your Pack Rewards points earn 5% for every purchase, so 300 points for example can be redeemed for a $15 discount.

When do my Pack Rewards points expire?

Your Pack Rewards points stay active for six months from your last order. Just one purchase of any amount keeps your total points from expiring.

Can I earn points without making a purchase?

In addition to earning 1 point for every dollar spent as well as bonus points after your first 3 purchases, you can also earn points by following our social media accounts, signing up to receive SMS text notifications, using our Refer a Friend feature, and we even give you bonus points as a gift on your birthday!

How does Refer a Friend work?

Just put in your email, and then your friends email, and we'll send them a 20% off coupon code. When they make a purchase we'll deposit 300 points into your account which can be redeemed for a $15 discount!

What if I have more questions about Pack Rewards?

That's no problem; we've got you covered! Our customer support is here to help you, Mon. through Fri. from 9 am to 5 pm PST! Please email or call us at (877) 633-6637 and we can help answer any questions!

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