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Big Pharma is not the answer. Nutrition is.

    Get Started With Your BrainCare Program

    These delicious BrainCare® products were designed for one purpose – your brain! There’s no such thing as too much brain nutrition, so keep improving your everyday diet. To get started, we recommend you try the following daily combination to keep your brain performing at its best. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

    • Brain Survival™ Coffee with breakfast

    • BrainCare® Drink, OR Brain Shake® as breakfast or lunch*

    • Brain Omega 3 Bar® as a snack (alternate flavors, or just eat the one you love)

    * The difference in the two products is the Brain Shake contains an excellent source of protein, so it is a meal replacement for those that enjoy shakes. For those that do not enjoy shakes, you should choose the BrainCare® Drink to feed your brain the critical nutrients it needs.

    Improvement in cognition noticeable in just 3 weeks*

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    6 Lifestyle Pillars of Brilliance:

    • Nutrition

      Nutrition is the most important pillar of brain health. Without a well-fed brain and strong body, your brain health is severely handicapped.

    • Sleep well

      Rest restores our brain. Without it, the brain cannot recover.

    • Stay physically active

      Getting the blood flowing throughout the body is key to a well-functioning brain.

    • Engage yourself mentally

      An inactive brain is a deteriorating brain. The more a brain is worked and is challenged, the stronger it gets.

    • Reduce stress

      Constant stress is extremely taxing on the body AND mind. Taking the time to disconnect.

    • Love Someone

      The endorphins of love are a powerful force. They activate and light up our brains like nothing else.

    Four benefits of a sharp mind

    • Lasting Memory

      By maintaining a healthy brain and adopting memory-enhancing
      habits, you can support optimal memory function, improve learning abilities, and potentially reduce the risk of memory-related disorders.

    • Cognitive Abilities

      Our cognitive abilities allow us to process and understand information, solve problems, and make decisions. Having a sharp mind allows us to perform these tasks quickly and accurately, and boosts memory.

    • Learning and Growth

      A sharp mind is a more focused mind. It allows us to continue learning and growing throughout our lives. By staying mentally active and engaged, we can continue to develop new skills and interests, which allow us to perform better and can lead to a more fulfilling life.

    • Creativity and Innovation

      A sharp and focused mind can also lead to increased creativity and innovation. By being able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas, we can find new solutions to problems and create new opportunities in life.

    Hand crafted in small batches in Reno-Tahoe, USA.