Your brain will thank you - your taste buds will love you

  • Each Brain Omega 3 Bar® - Fig & Dark Chocolate contains sweet ripe figs, rich dark chocolate, and tart cranberry pieces blended with rolled oats, organic rice crisps, milled flax and hemp seeds. This is combined with our patent-pending combination of 1,948mg of Omega 3s, 40 essential nutrients, naturally occurring flavonoids, and 8g of protein to boost your brain's performance. You could take pills like the pharmaceutical industry wants, or you can eat your way to a nourished brain.

    Highest Omega 3 Bar
    40 Essential Nutrients
    8g Protein
    Patent Pending Formula
  • Turbocharge your brain with a Fig & Roasted Peanut Brain Omega 3 Bar®. Roasted creamy peanuts and sweet ripe figs, semi-sweet chocolate blended with rolled oats, organic rice crisps, milled flax and hemp seeds are combined with our patent-pending combination of Omega oils for optimum brain performance. Each bar is packed with 1,948mg of Omega 3s, 40 essential nutrients, naturally occurring flavonoids, and 8g of protein for additional brain nourishment.

    Best Omega 3 levels in any Bar
    40 Essential Nutrients
    8g Protein
    Patent Pending formula
  • Everything your brain needs to thrive

  • Excellent source of 14 vitamins

  • 1900mg of omega 3 fatty acids

  • EPA, DHA, and ALA

  • 8g of protein

  • 6g of fiber

  • Less than 140mg of sodium

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6 Lifestyle Pillars of Brilliance:

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition is the most important pillar of brain health. Without a well-fed brain and strong body, your brain health is severely handicapped.

  • Sleep well

    Rest restores our brain. Without it, the brain cannot recover.

  • Stay physically active

    Getting the blood flowing throughout the body is key to a well-functioning brain.

  • Engage yourself mentally

    An inactive brain is a deteriorating brain. The more a brain is worked and is challenged, the stronger it gets.

  • Reduce stress

    Constant stress is extremely taxing on the body AND mind. Taking the time to disconnect.

  • Tap into the Love Hormone

    The endorphins of love are a powerful force. They activate and light up our brains like nothing else.

More than just bars

Recommended Braincare Program

These delicious BrainCare® products were designed for one purpose – your brain! There’s no such thing as too much brain nutrition, so keep improving your everyday diet. To get started, we recommend you try the following daily combination to keep your brain performing at its best. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Brain Survival™ Coffee with breakfast

  • BrainCare® Drink, OR Brain Shake® as breakfast or lunch*

  • Brain Omega 3 Bar® as a snack (alternate flavors, or just eat the one you love)

* The difference in the two products is the Brain Shake contains an excellent source of protein, so it is a meal replacement for those that enjoy shakes. For those that do not enjoy shakes, you should choose the BrainCare® Drink to feed your brain the critical nutrients it needs.

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  • Great backup food when on the go…

    The Fig and Dark Chocolate bar tastes great when good quality food is hard to come by in any situation… Great product to have on the water or camping out in nature.

    ~Ryan T.

  • Different from the rest.

    Although this bar appears smaller then the rest it is packed with ingredients that make it more mighty above all of them. Read the ingredients on the bag and you will see why. This one lacks what the others contain and that is Glycerin.

    ~Donna S.

  • Awesome snacks

    These Fig and Dark Chocolate bars are awesome. They taste great and are also very nutritious. I consume them after exercising and cycling.

    ~Joseph B.

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