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Brilliant Brain+ Program

If you want to do what's best for the health of your brain, this is the program for you. Combining the BrainCare Tropical Lemonade Drink - the cornerstone of our program with the Omega 3 rich and delicious Fig and Dark Chocolate Bar - an amazing replacement for the days you don't eat salmon, this program not only gives you 9 bioactive brain ingredients, 4 neurotransmitter converters, 3 brain energy amino acids, 1948mg of Omega 3 oils, 8g protein and a lot more, but it gives you the vitamins and minerals your brain needs to be healthy and perform. Everybody's brains are slowly dying due to aging and things like stress, but some of us are doing something about it - we're committing to a daily program proven to made a difference. It's never to late to start, all it takes is committing to the health of your brain.

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Product Overview

The Brilliant Brain+ Program: this is the ONE thing you can do for your brain health that's delicious, effective and gives your brain nutrients it needs to perform and be healthy. No pills needed.






bioactive brain ingredients


neurotransmitter converters


brain energy amino acids


These delicious Brain Survival products were designed for one purpose – your brain! There’s no such thing as too much brain nutrition, so keep improving your everyday diet. To get started, we recommend you try the following daily combination to keep your brain performing at its best. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Brain Survival™ Coffee with breakfast

  • BrainCare® Drink OR Brain Shake® with breakfast or lunch*

  • Brain Omega 3 Bar® as a snack (alternate flavors, or just the one you love)