Most people know that one of the most effective ways to eat a well-rounded diet is to start focusing on the five main food groups - fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy. That sounds simple enough on the surface, but truly it’s nutrient rich content that is the key to a healthy brain. We take pride knowing that we have created our BrainCare line of products with not only the best bioactive ingredients, but with the vitamins and minerals your brain also needs to be perform. Simply put, the human brain requires many nutrients to operate at its highest level possible. If one piece of the equation is missing, the entire system is off balance. And that means you can’t operate at your best.

    A better Brain Begins with one click

    We already figured out the hard stuff. Each one of these kits gives you 30 days of brain boosting power. Find the system that works best for you and be on your path today.

    • Brilliant Brain

      If you're going to do one thing for your brain, drink this.

      1 BrainCare® Drink Daily
    • Brilliant Brain +

      The one thing + Brain Omegas

      1 BrainCare® Drink Daily
      1 Brain Omega 3 Bar® Fig and Dark Chocolate Daily
    • Ultimate Brain

      The full weight of science

      1 BrainCare® Drink Daily
      1 Brain Omega 3 Bar® Fig and Dark Chocolate Daily
      1 BrainCare® Brain Coffee Daily
    • BrainSpan Kit

      90 Days of The One Thing + Brain Omegas + a Free BrainSpan Test Kit

      1 Brain Omega 3 Bar® - Fig & Dark Chocolate Daily
      1 BrainCare® Drink - Tropical Lemonade Daily
      1 BrainSpan® Resilience Test Kit ($199 value)

    Hand crafted in small batches in Reno-Tahoe, USA.


    No excuses anymore. You can start your brain health journey today with Nutrient Survival BrainCare products. Literally, you’re only one step away from a sharper brain. All you need to do is begin feeding it the nutrients it needs. This is why we designed 3 preconfigured BrainCare Programs: The Brilliant Brain Program - our once daily BrainCare Drink that is the foundation of the scientifically proven formula, the Brilliant Brain+ Program - that adds an Omega rich bar to your daily routine, and lastly, the Ultimate Brain Program that has all the above, but adds a dynamic coffee that rounds out the perfect brain day. There’s no more room for excuses - just delicious AND nutritious products ready at the click of a button.

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