Three Best Tips to Be Ready with Nutrition as First Defense

Three Best Tips to Be Ready with Nutrition as First Defense

By Alexander Crown

Readiness means something different to everyone. Being “ready” in the traditional sense means you are fully prepared for a situation, action, or an activity and we as responsible citizens should always strive for maximum preparedness. We can increase our readiness by stockpiling food, water, medicine, etc. but an often overlooked form of readiness is our own physical health. 

Keeping your body in good physical condition is easily one of the best defenses you can have, defense from infections, injuries, even the common cold. The oversimplification of physical health is a cross between diet and exercise, two seemingly bad words within most of the American public. But at Nutrient Survival, these two things mean a great deal to us. Building your body’s defenses isn’t an exact science, but there are some simple measures you can take now to ready yourself for harsh times ahead. As you read on, the disclaimer here is that we aren’t doctors or medical professionals, just a bunch of people passionate about readiness and health. With that, here are some tips we like to follow.

First, and it may seem obvious, stay hydrated. As a general rule, you should take in half an ounce of water per a pound of body weight daily. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water everyday to maintain proper hydration levels. That’s almost five bottles of water a day!  That number is a base line, if you are more active and sweating then you should increase your consumption levels to maintain peak performance and prevent dehydration. With increased activity levels you can aid in refueling your body with sports drinks or even better, drink Liquid Nutrient. These packets provide you with 13 vitamins and branch chain amino acids for muscle recovery. If you take nothing else from this article, consider upping your daily water intake and see how much your life improves.

Second, eating a diet high in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, omegas, and fiber. If this is your first time here, you may have picked up on the fact that we are big on these things. Nutrients are essential for body function, repair, and growth. Without them you will wither into nothing or be too weak to perform even basic tasks. Minerals and vitamins also come into play with body development and maintenance, like repairing wounds. Protein builds muscle. Omegas help fight inflammation. Fiber helps regulate the bodies use of sugars, keeps your digestive system in good health, and aids in flushing the body of toxins and waste. A diet high in these is an excellent way to aid your survival from the inside out.

Third, maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight puts massive stress on all parts of your body, the organs, joints, bones, everything. Even your sleep is inhibited by being overweight. Recent studies suggest over 60% of Americans are obese or overweight, deteriorating our national readiness. Keeping your body at an acceptable weight can be tough but with proper nutrition and physical activity it is possible. Many people who have tried Nutrient Survival find themselves eating our food every day.  That’s because it’s delicious and nutritious. People say they feel fuller and lose their cravings for the empty calories of the typical ultra-processed American diet. If you’re curious, check out the many testimonials in our video reels area, like this one from Alaska Prepper.

Now we certainly aren’t saying the three tips are the “end all, be all” of health, but they are a great place to start focusing your energy as you work toward being more prepared. Preparedness is like an insurance policy you hope you never have to use, but should always have in place. The time to prepare is not when you are in an emergency.  The time is now.

By eating better now, you will be much more capable of keeping a sound body and sharp mind. Nutrient Survival is packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, omegas and fiber. Could you eat Nutrient Survival food everyday and come out of it better for it? Yes!  In fact, many people do and swear by it.  That’s why we introduced our new convenient pantry packs, so you can keep Nutrient Survival within arm’s reach and never miss an opportunity for a nutrient packed meal.

The best defense is a good offense, and you can defend your body right now with healthy habits. Paying attention to the things you consume can be eye opening and help you make the leap into being a healthier person living a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately you need to be prepared to protect what you love, your family and your way of life. And that starts with you.


Alexander Crown is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper who spent time in a scout/sniper platoon in OIF. Alexander spends his time exploring Idaho, hunting, fishing, and camping. He’s a lifelong practitioner of preparedness, emphasizing self-reliance and organic gardening.