Horsepower Through Nutrients: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Horsepower Through Nutrients: On Patrol With Ranger EC

Chapter four: Your body and your car; they both go places



There’s a reason why cars have long been symbols of personal freedom. There is nothing quite as liberating as getting behind the wheel and heading off on the open road toward the horizon line, whether it be with purpose and destination in mind, or just a spontaneous joy ride to nowhere.

Cars provide empowerment to “do”, and freedom to “go” wherever and whenever you want to. But, if you’ve been driving long enough, you understand that there’s a lot more to it than simply jumping in the driver’s seat, starting the engine, and heading off on your next adventure. You need to take care of your car (something my 19-year old is still learning - “Dad, what’s this check engine light mean”). In the Army, we called it PMCS - “preventative maintenance checks and services.”  With my son, I call it “change the oil, top it off, inflate the tires.”

Seriously, just like cars, our bodies are powerful machines that require constant maintenance and quality fuel. To live fully and use our bodies and minds to their complete potential, we have to give them what they need. You guessed it, we need essential nutrients.




Do you remember that exhilarating feeling the day you got your license and set off on your own without a parent in the passenger seat?  My first “car” was actually a 1950 Chevrolet 3100 truck that I paid $500 and my life-savings for in 1985.  It was a cool looking truck (think ZZ Top). Sure, it was a little old and dinged up in a few spots, and under the hood, it needed a lot of love. Fortunately, my dad knew a thing or two about machines, and he helped me make the old Chev roar. It had a straight-6 engine and maxed out at about 50 mph. But it was mine, and it was beautiful. 

 Like most things in life, with great freedom, comes great responsibility. I learned the hard way that it’s as easy to keep the top half of the tank full, as it is with the bottom half. And I figured out pretty quickly that fresh spark plugs and clean oil helped me go when I needed it.  Especially as a high school kid with a couple bucks in his pocket from working the hay fields, there was nothing worse than not having wheels when I wanted it. 

 Fast forward. The bottom line is that like taking care of your car, you’ve got to keep up with your own personal maintenance.  Like cars, our bodies have potential to be powerful machines, but they require consistent maintenance and care to get there.

 And although the good Lord made us in His own image, there are some things our bodies need that we cannot produce on our own. That’s why, like an oil change or fuel fill-up, we must give our bodies all the essential nutrients they need to live up to their full potential.




So, I hope you take away from this a desire to get in your car and take a worry-free cruise to your favorite spot.  Appreciate your car and the freedom it provides you in your everyday life. But, more importantly, I hope you’ll reflect on the miraculous power of our bodies. Because, like our cars, when our bodies are fueled with the 40 essential nutrients like those found in Nutrient Survival food, we can truly live free and thrive.

14 vitamins, 14 minerals, 9 protein amino acids, 2 omegas & fiber. We’ve got them all.

So check your oil and tire pressure! Then fuel up with the best fuel you can - Nutrient Survival.  Nothing will keep your body sound and mind sharp like nutrients. 


The best time to prepare for the journey ahead is right now.



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