Two Weeks to Survive | Bill Wilson Navy SEAL | Episode 10 | NS Wolf Pack Podcast


Are we really just two-weeks away from total societal collapse if our comfy little American bubble bursts? Bill Wilson, former Navy SEAL Captain, has been there and seen exactly that happen on four different occasions, in four different countries. It can happen here. Will you be ready to protect what you love?

Former Navy SEAL Captain Bill Wilson is the Maverick of the SEALs. The best of the best, teaching the rest. His resume reads like a Jack Carr novel. 28 years with Navy Special Warfare - Platoon Commander at SEAL Teams One and Three, BUD/S 3rd Phase Officer, Element and Team Leader at Naval Special Warfare Development Group, multiple tours as an Operations Officer in Joint and Combined Task Forces, and Commanding Officer at SEAL Team One, Naval Special Warfare Center and Special Operations Task Groups in the Middle East. Now he's CEO of PrairieFire, the definitive authority for firearms instruction, experience and competition.

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