Solo Sailing Around the World | Ian Herbert-Jones, Skipper | Episode 09 | NS Wolf Pack Podcast


You’re all alone. Just you, your boat and 30,000 miles of deep blue sea. Every day you battle some of the most extreme elements from raging storms to blistering heat to massive rogue waves. How do you prepare for such a test? From learning to astral-navigate to choosing the right foods to keep you strong mentally and physically, it’s a daunting task. Listen to Ian Herbert-Jones' thoughts on what he has been doing to get himself and his boat ready for the greatest survival race on earth.

We catch up with Ian Herbert-Jones just days away from his epic attempt at solo sailing around the world (Golden Globe Race 2022). Ian is one of 17 skippers that will take on this 30,000 mile challenge. All without the aid of modern electronics or resupply. That's right, everything needed to complete the journey must be carried on the boat, and Ian estimates that he will be at sea 9 months! Thank goodness Nutrient Survival is by his side.

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