The Best Way to Avoid Malnutrition - Are You at Risk?

The Best Way to Avoid Malnutrition - Are You at Risk?

Most people associate malnutrition with a lack of food intake, but you can experience malnutrition anytime you consume the wrong foods for a length of time. How long it takes to set in depends on the nutritional value of your diet.

How long before malnutrition becomes a problem?

Technically, malnutrition can set in within 24 hours; however, it generally will not become a problem for a few weeks.  At that point, it can become a serious health risk. Especially in stressful trying times.

What are the obvious symptoms of malnutrition?

The first thing to go is your immunity. Soon you will experience fatigue and muscle weakness. You may show signs of irritability and depression. Your body will begin to break down and take longer to heal. A common cold may linger.  Any of these things can put you in serious jeopardy when you’re in a survival situation. 

Who is at risk?

While everyone is at risk, there are some groups that should take this very seriously. Anyone who is getting up there in years or has a preexisting health problem should take necessary precautions. It is critical that you maintain a proper diet.


Do your best to eat a well balanced diet that provides all of your nutritional needs. The right balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and fiber is the key to staying strong and avoiding the perils of malnutrition. This is especially true in times where your body and mind are put to the test.

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