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Choose the right foods that boost your immune system and help your body defend against infection.
During flu season or when feeling under the weather, people depend on foods like chicken soup, citrus fruits and tea with honey to boost immunity. Our immune system is designed to take action against foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and parasites to protect us against diseases, and a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals plus healthy lifestyle practices like getting adequate sleep and exercise prime the body to fight infections.
Think malnutrition only means a lack of food? You’re wrong. Malnutrition - which puts your life in danger - occurs when you consume nutrient poor food for an extended amount of time. Protect your health by getting your essential nutrients.

Nutrients are various molecules that can be found in food that every organism requires to produce energy, grow, develop, and reproduce. When consumed, nutrients are digested and then broken down into basic pieces to be used by the body. 

Vigilance Elite's Shawn Ryan is no stranger to being prepped and ready for unforeseen situations. Right now, there are 7 things he is focusing on that everyone should be thinking about (if you haven't already)...
Low energy, achy joints, weight gain...it's just part of getting older, right? Wrong! Aging can be a welcome adventure, but most people have no idea how to tackle it. The single most important thing to do is surprisingly easy...pay attention to what you put on your plate.
Survival On Purpose is a YouTube channel focused on survival, camping, bushcraft and other outdoor skills. Bryan, the owner, recently reviewed our food and had so many great things to say but he focuses on 4 key facts that really set us apart from our competitors:
Everyday actions such as breathing or walking produce substances known as free radicals that attempt to attack healthy cells. When these healthy cells become weakened, they are increasingly susceptible to cardiovascular disease and particular types of cancers. Antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E, which also includes beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene, are capable of defending these cells from damage caused by the free radicals.