The Best Secret To More Energy When You're Over 50

The Best Secret To More Energy When You're Over 50

Low energy, achy joints, weight's just part of getting older, right? Wrong! Aging can be a welcome adventure, but most people have no idea how to tackle it. The single most important thing to do is surprisingly attention to what you put on your plate. But, don't worry about diets. And don't worry about popping multivitamins. Just choose foods that are nutrient dense and you'll be shocked at how much younger you'll feel. What are the magical nutrients that reverse the aging clock and put the pep back in your step? 


  • Vitamin B12 is an energy producing machine. If you're low in it, you'll feel fatigued and foggy. In fact, the full B complex (8 vitamins) turns food into energy, so it has a direct impact on your brain and body health. 
  • Omega-3 is an incredible anti-inflammatory nutrient that can reduce pain and increase mobility in your joints. Bring on the energy boosting workouts! 
  • Fiber is king when it comes to feeling satiated. This robust nutrient keeps your digestive system in tip top shape. By keeping your belly full and your weight down, fiber is your best ally for energized days. 


As Dave says in the video below, this powerhouse combo of nutrients has made a tremendous difference in the quality of his life. His go-to nutrient dense foods are Creamy Chocolate Shake and Honey Granola Bars. Check out what he has to say and see if these Fountain of Youth nutrients would work for you too...

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