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Basics Bucket

The Nutrient Survival Basics Bucket is the leveled up solution to our Basics Bug Out Bag. Stocked with our best selling basics products, conveniently sealed in our durable and resealable pantry packs, the basics bucket is a crucial addition or starting point to being ready for whatever the world might throw at you. Versatile - use as is or use as ingredients - and powerful, made the Nutrient Survival way full of essential nutrients, there's no other product like it out there to give your body what it needs to thrive under any circumstance.

All of these great products are packed up in a premium heavy duty 5 gallon storage container with a recessed, snap on, lockable lid for stackability and security. Plus a sturdy handle for easy carry and 75 pound weight capacity. Make sure to keep an eye on your usage - it's too easy to dip into these products for day to day use so make sure you regularly replenish and be ready for anything.

  • 2x Vitamin Milk Pantry Packs
  • 1x Vitamin Eggs Pantry Pack
  • 3x Vitamin Butter Bulk Pouch
  • 1x Vitamin Potato Pantry Pack
  • 1x Vitamin Tomato Pantry Pack
  • 1x 5 Gallon Bucket
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295 Servings
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Product Overview

A bucket that's far from basic. Filled with all out best selling "basics", these products are the cornerstone of any prep. All products are rich in essential nutrients and are Special Ops Grade certified so you can be at your best.







20%+ DV


50%+ DV

omega 3

50%+ DV

omega 6


Our delicious, chef-made recipes are packed with 6-times more nutrients than other pantry food, with the same level of elite nutrition required for Special Ops forces to help you stay strong, alert, and satisfied when you need it most.